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Singing Bowls : Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tingsha, Cymbal, Bells and wide range of Metal Crafts from Nepal.
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  :: Product Details » Tingsha - Tinny Matte
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Item Code : TC704M
Short Info :  This is Tinny Tingsha or Ting-sha pair in small version in plain matte bronze finish
Product Size :  4.5 cm in dia
Product Weight :  70 grams
Material Used :  Seven Metal

Available Product Size / Weight Ranges :
Weight Range grams
4.5 cm 70

Minimum Level Order Quantity : 25 pair per order per size/designs of Product
About Hand Hammered Beaten Cymbals Jhyamta Bhusya:
Beaten or hand hammered Cymbals are made by complete hand hammering process. In beaten Cymbals, every single Cymbals are carefully hand beaten which requires several processes to finish up and shaping into a perfect hand hammered Cymbals.

In the making process, first the various composition of metals as raw materials (Copper, Tin, Zinc, Iron, Lead, Gold and Silver) are melted into furnace depending on manufacturing needs such as for bronze Cymbals or for seven metal Cymbals making. The hot melted metal are taken from furnace and poured into a Gulli Cup or Dice to prepared metal mould for the various size and weight. Then, the round metal gulli or moulds are taken to make rolling and turn into round metal sheet in needed size and thickness. After that, the sheet are brought for the hand beating or hammering process after precise measurement and categorized for weight and sized bowls.

Regarding hand hammering process of Cymbals making, 3 - 4 round metal sheets are piled up one upon another and then heated to red hot burn. The red hot burned metal sheets are hammered from a group of expert artisan till the heat remains in metal, and again processes to red heating for continuous beating for the Cymbals shaping. This heating and beating process with the bundled and piled up metal sheets continues until a desired shape and size forms from a metal sheet. (That is why the hammered or beaten Cymbals will get proportionately difference in a size centimeter with each individual Cymbals).

In hammering process of these Cymbals, the metal sheet must hammer and beating on the time of red hot only which remains softness and flexibility on the metal, this is because as the metal getting colder, will loose its softness and flexibility which in turns tampered and gets hardness on metal, and thus breaks metal or bowl if done hammered. The reason behind this working process is the metal content Bronze or Seven Metal mixture is very sensitive to heat and gets harder if it looses it hot temperature and will have cracks and breaks if works. So in this shaping stage of hammered Cymbals, the makings are done with the duration of hot metal only.

Hand hammered or beaten Cymbals making process movie clips from our factory premises

After completion of gaining desired bowls shaping, the individual works start with the making process. At this making stage, every bowl is brought into uniform shape and size and it should also be done by red burning and heating process and then beating. After finalizing the shape and size, hammering is done for final fine tuning and shaping of Cymbals. Then individual Cymbals are then chiseled and made turning the rough surface of Cymbals for fine finishing and looks from inside and outside surface according to finishing needs.

After this process, the hammered Cymbals are processed for cleaning and smoothening process for giving the finish touch either by hand sanding (matte finish) or by buffing or polishing for glossy finish, and finally Cymbals are produced and ready to sell and release for the market.

As per needed, these Cymbals are again sent for other process like hand carvings, antique finishing, colorings, paintings and engraving with various arts works and designs.

Therefore, the makings of hand beaten or hammered Cymbals are very labor intensive work and require very skillful artisans with highly experience and dedication.

The hand hammered or beaten Gongs are widely popular for meditation, charka balancing, sound therapy, sound massage, healing, water therapy, space clearing and feng shui. It produces a very special rimming and distinct sound and vibration than other types of Gongs. But the sound and vibration produced will be different with the shape, size, weight and thickness of the Gongs.

These Gongs also can be decorated with various carvings and paintings which reflects religious beliefs and values like the hand carving of Buddha Images, Buddhist Deities and Motifs, Eight Auspicious Symbols, Om Mani Padme Hum tibetan mantra, Dragon design, Double Dorje Carvings, Various Mandalas, Louts Designs with various colors and hand painting and etching for better looks and decorations.

Note : The color depth of the products images will be slightly variable due to the monitor's resolutions and VGA display cards and so may have slight difference with the real products.
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