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Singing Bowls : Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Exporter of Himalayan Singing Bowls, Gongs, Tingsha, Cymbal, Bells and wide range of Metal Crafts from Nepal.
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Tingsha & Cymbal are musical instruments used traditionally for singing, chanting, ritual offerings & ceromonies by hindu and buddhists religion. Nowadays tingsha or ting-sha are used to prepare for meditation, healing, space clearing and sound therapy treatment. When the two pieces strike each other they produce a clear, pure, cleansing sound which can be used to focus the mind before and after meditation. Cymbals or Jhyamta are mostly used in gompa or monasteries by tibetan buddhist for ritual ceromonies and offerings.
We produce various size range of tingsha and cymbals like from 7 cm tingsha to 40 cm cymbals made bronze and seven metal composition. In ting sha and cymbal various designs are made such as hand carvings, itching and engraving of tibetan mantra Om Mani Padme Hum, 8 Auspicious Goodl Luck Symbols, Dragon, Mandala etc are made to reflect ritual and dharma.

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» Tingsha Ting-sha

Tingsha - Astamangal Carving Antique

» Tingsha Ting-sha

Tingsha - Om Lotus Blue

» Tingsha Ting-sha

Tingsha - Dragon Carving

» Tingsha Ting-sha

Tingsha - Set 2

» Tingsha Tinny

Tingsha - Tinny  Glossy

» Cymbal Jhyamta

Cymbal - Jhyamta Astamangal Design

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